VIPER means the future of the industry processes, servicing, and training.



VIPER system imports CAD data, analyses them for semantical information and enhances them with additional domain relevant information in order to automatically create industry manuals, processes and training protocols.


VIPER provides tools for automatic, semi-automatic and manual process creation including general structure, animation and human readable description. It also provides integrity check in case the input data change.


VIPER deploys electronic manuals and training processes to many devices from smartphones to smart glasses. Together with object recognition and accurate spatial tracking it increases efficiency and safety of any industrial process.


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Misterine s.r.o., the company behind VIPER, was founded in 2016. Misterine focuses on the development of hi-end AR/VR technologies for industry. We are a start-up with respectable background provided by a successful company that guarantees sufficient financial and human resources, technical and technological support, knowledge background, investment in research and development. We integrate the best of state of the art technologies, university research and big world companies as well as multinational cooperation. We cooperate with the Czech Technical University, General Electric Aviation Czech s.r.o., and European Space Agency (ESA).

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